Zimbalam is heading to the seaside… Join us at The Great Escape

Great Escape Header

Zimbalam have teamed up with Mama Group, the guys behind the awesome Great Escape Festival to give three top-selling art­ists each year the chance to play at this fantastic event. Brighton’s Great Escape festival is attended by more than 25,000 music industry delegates and music fans and represents a truly fantastic opportunity for any new artist. Zimbalam

This year’s winners are Gabby Young & Other Animals, who are set to play at Queens Hotel on May 13th, The Draymin, who perform on May 14th and lastly, 29th Chapter are due at Con­corde 2 on May 15th. If you’re heading down to the event, be sure to check them out!

Each act was selected ahead of thousands of artists using Zimbalam and were selected after finding themselves among the top-sell­ing Zimbalam acts on the major digital stores. All three acts have subsequently signed extended global distribution deals with Believe Digital, Zimbalam’s parent company. For a chance to win a slot performing at The Great Escape in 2011 yourself, head over to www.zimbalam.com and sign up for a free account.

Not only that, but all users uploading an album before the end of May can benefit from a 50% discount by using the code ESCAPEGREAT when validating their album!

All sales from May 1st will be counted for next year’s competition so don’t wait around…

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