Stay healthy this winter!


Musicians…. Tired of getting sick? Stay well this winter with these basic health tips:

With the temperature plummeting, here are some health tips all musicians should follow, whether your a club DJ or a studio producer, read on… With irregular sleeping patterns, long working hours, and cramped venues, we as musicians are more susceptible to picking up grubby bugs than most. Here is some sensible advice to avoid the illness this winter….

  • Consider the Flu Jab

If like me, you pick up a cold or flu at least once a year, it maybe worth considering a flu jab. Flu can mean no gigs for 10-14 days minimum. This can mean letting down venues, and more importantly your fans.

  • Top up on your vitamins (More specifically:)

Fish Oils (Omega 3) – known to protect joints, so dose up and avoid strumming/drumming/performance related injuries!

Vitamin C – vitally important for keeping away flu’s, cold’s and other viral infections. If like me, you’re not into popping vitamin pills, red peppers, kiwi’s and oranges are a great source of vitamin C, so it may be possible to get your allowance through pizzas and cocktails 🙂 Aim for between 75 – 90 mg per day.

Lutein – This protects your eyes from the harsh studio lights and flashing club strobes!

Vitamin D – let’s be honest, winter sun in the UK is almost un-heard of, so does up on your vitamin D, especially on your long studio days. High levels found naturally in tuna, salmon, mackerel and sardines. For any veggie’s or vegans, vitamin D can also be found in eggs, milk and mushrooms.

A multivitamin tablet maybe handy on tours, especially if you are skipping meals, or eating lots of fast food.

  • Keep Hydrated

This will increase both your mental and physical performance. The recommended dose of water is 2 literes a day but try and drink more on performance days. Topping up on the H2o also has many other health and beauty benefits!

  • Catch up on sleep

Again, this may seem obvious, but with long studio days, and gigs, getting in some sleep may prove difficult. Try and get in 6 – 8 hours a night. This will not only help keep you well, but will also help creativity and give you better energy levels.

  • Protect your hearing

As musicians, our ears are our most important asset. Ears are sensitive, and it is probably a good idea to protect them at every gig! Each country has different guidelines as to what is considered a safe level and exposure time, so it can be hard to know what to listen to (Excuse the pun!) I would always advise tailored ear plugs at every gig. Although they are pricey, in my opinion, they are definitely worth it. You can take a quick hearing test here.

  • Take care when lifting

It may be an obvious one, but at the end of a gig, getting home quickly may seem very appealing, but take care when lifting speakers, or equipment, especially if there’s alcohol involved.

So follow this advice and hopefully, all of you will be playing all winter!

Jenna Jones



With thanks to BARRY GARDNER



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