5 tips from our UK manager on how to approach your releases

Chris Dyer, UK Manager of Zimbalam Music Distribution gives us 5 tips of how to approach your releases
1) Build your social media sites
Update them regularly and inject a bit of your personality – connect with your fans. DON’T just sell, sell, sell to them! Find out what they like about you. Give them something they can’t buy!

2) If you are playing live connect with your fans!
Live shows are a really great for connecting with your fan base, but how can you then continue to capture their attention if you haven’t got a way of contacting them? Think about giving your audience an incentive to visit your websites or social media sites. Maybe a free download in exchange for their email using our tools? This type of mailing list will have a higher sales success rate when promoting your future releases and live shows.

3) Research where you can make money from your music!
If a fan really likes your music they might buy it. But how can you expect fans to buy it if it isn’t for sale in the stores they regularly buy from? You also earn royalties from the use of your music on Spotify and now YouTube, so finding ways to drive your audience to those platforms has become more and more important.

4) Register with collection societies
Like the PPL (Public performance royalties e.g. Radio, TV etc) and PRS (Song writing Royalties) – they collect money on your behalf. Your distributor collects sales royalties. These organisations exist to collect other royalties on your behalf. So claim them!

5) Treat your music as a brand
Think about your releases as a product. Approach your project and each release with a strategy and plan to get it out there. After all, you’ve worked hard on your record, so now you need to make sure everyone knows about it. This is how a record label will approach their releases, so why not you?

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