A musicians guide to Tumblr


If your not already on Tumblr, get signed up ASAP! Tumblr is a great promo tool, especially for musicians. Read on for a step by step guide on everything from setting up an account to how can you can use tumblr to really push promo on your music and gain loads of fans.


On the  home page  click on the link in the upper right hand corner of the page that says “Sign Up.” Enter the email address you use for your band, choose a password, and finally a username, preferably one similar to your band name. This will not only set up a distinct and separate page for your band, but also increase your search engine optimization, making people easier to find you on Google.

Be careful when chosing a photo for your profile, remember that the picture will be tiny, so stay clear from full band pictures. Click here , for tips on choosing the perfect avatar.



Tumblr allows you to create different pages for your blog.  Tumblr will give you some defauly pages that won’t need much changing. But I do recommend creating your own page aswell, just explaining who you are, what your about and what’s going on with you. This page can link to your facebook and twitter, and should include a short biog and a link to where people can check out your music.


Description Page

When you are designing your page, you’ll be given the option to edit the description of your page. This will show  up below the title, so be creative and get on the promo! You can even embed clips from your soundcloud page for more exposure.


3 ways to gain more fans

1 – Following. This is the same as twitter really, follow people and most people will give you a follow back, or at least check out your page and check out your music. Make a list of bands or artists that are similar to you and check out who’s blogging about them. .. follow these people! Chances are they will like your music too!

2 – Liking. Less effective than following, but still works, and its nice to be nice so get liking!

3 – ask/submit function. A lot of users have an Ask/submit button on their blog which allows you to message them directly, either privately or publicly. The submit button allows you to add content to other peoples blogs (if they approve it) Depending on how daring you are with regards to reaching out to strangers, you can use this feature to your advantage. You could even submit your newest music video or song to thousands of pages as well to get maximum exposure when the video hits. Unfortunately, there are limits to the amount that you can engage in all of these techniques.


Like most social media sites, Tumblr has limits in place to stop spamming. These are:

Maximum Follow Limit: 5,000 People

Maximum Daily Follow Limit: 200 People

Maximum Daily Like Limit: 1,000 Posts

Maximum Hourly Ask/Submit Limit: 10


Responding to messages

Just like other social media platforms, replying to messages personally is key!  It shows commitment and appreciation to your fans



Again, like all social media sites, its important to keep things up to date. Nothing looks worse that an old, dated page. Tumblr makes it easier than ever to do this, you can schedule up to 300 posts by clicking ‘queue’ on the sidebar.


Source URL

Everytime you post original content, you should set a source and click through URL for the post. This will mean that everytime it gets re-posted, people can see where it came from, and it’ll direct people back to your page.



In my opinion, integrating your tumblr onto your website is much better than having 2 separate blogs. Keep things simples!  http://sunshinepromotion.wordpress.com/2012/12/01/5-minute-tip-start-a-blog-today/


More Tips:

TumblrTips: A site that posts regular updates about tips and tricks on how to optimize your blog, embed certain content, and much more.


Tumblring: Another site that just has a plethora of resources on how you can use Tumblr more like a promotional tool than just a social media site.

Billboard Biz: Billboard magazine wrote a short piece about the dos and don’ts of Tumblr for musicians.

Why Tumblr: A short overview of EVERYTHING Tumblr does.


With thanks to David Roberts via Music Think Tank 

Twitter:  techno_jones

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