How to book your band gigs

Hypebot recently published a great article about how to get your band booked for festivals and gigs. Here’s a roundup of the main points:

1. The first thing you need is experience.

‘start small at your local clubs and make sure the venue makes sense for you.’

Don’t apply to play at Glastonbury if you’ve only played 1 show in your local pub. You need to put the ground work in and create yourself a fan base before you can even consider that level.

2. Maintain your social media profiles.

‘You probably have 15 seconds to capture a promoter’s attention.’

Make the first few seconds a promoter spends on your profile engaging. Make sure the page is clean and easy to get around. A promoter will not listen to your music if they have to click a thousand times to do so. Maintain your gig listings. The promoter will want to see where you’re playing next not a list of every venue you’ve ever played in. Lastly, pick your best songs and avoid uploading poorly recorded versions.



3. Have live footage.

‘If you owned a club or festival wouldn’t you want to see who you are booking?’

This will give the promoter insight into you as a live band straight away. Be cautious when choosing one though, no one wants to watch a blurry, awful sounding video.

4. Are you relevant?

‘It is annoying to the promoter and it is a waste of your time and money.’ – to apply for gigs where your genre is irrelevant

Do some research behind a festival or venue before getting in contact. Make sure you fit in with the style or genre, you would never see Rihanna headlining the main stage at Download festival would you?

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2 thoughts on “How to book your band gigs

  1. Thanks for writing the article. But what is next?

    1. My band is all pro experienced guys.
    2. My social media is updated constantly
    3. I’ve got live video on the website
    4. The venues I’m contacting are totally our genre

    I’m not getting any emails back?

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