Master your tracks in few clicks

ShareTweet Mastering is one of the most difficult and expensive post-production steps. Thanks to LANDR, our new partner, you can master instantly your tracks for only £6,69 and just in […]

Zimbalam Artist Websites – The hub of your promo campaign

One of our premier free tools, the Zimbalam Artist Page, allows our musicians to create simple websites, to centralise all their content, contact information and even plan and implement promotional campaigns. Artist Pages are easy to create and require no HTML knowledge to customise. A fully stocked Zimbalam Artist Page will hold all your important band information. An explanation of our Artist Website tool.

Realtime sales are now available from SFR Music & Juno Download!!

al-time sales information has already been available for some time on the Zimbalam Backstage but has only been available for sales on iTunes. However, you can now monitor real time sales data from SFR and Juno Download (for Electro releases) and French artists opting to distribute their music to VirginMega can also track real time sales.