Breaking news – £5 off album upload fees

In response to Tunecore raising their album distribution fees from $19.99 to $49.99 we are offering all customers a £5 discount on album upload fees, meaning it will cost just £24.99 to upload your album on all major download stores worldwide.


UPC & ISCRC codes are free

No add-on fees to access Zimbalam’s leading suite of digital promo tools:

Real time sales reporting, a streaming media player, artist websites, contact management & newsletter tools, promotional stats & an iPhone app.

Zimbalam provides all the tools artists need for an effective release campaign, including the ability to give fans free tracks in exchange for their email address and to provide selected users, such as media contacts, access to exclusive content.

Zimbalam also guarantee that every release will be listened to by Believe Digital’s A&R team. They look for the most promising emerging artists to upgrade onto a premium distribution deal with Believe, where they will receive access to expert advice and additional services.

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