Featured Artist: Casiokid

Casiokid have shared the stage with artists like TheMetros, MyPassion, Frankmusic, Attack!Attack! and Hadouken; they have peformed over 150 live shows worldwide and have sold more than 13,000 records.

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With a sound that is contrasting between traditional punk, electro  and 8 bit, this four-piece Pop-Alternative band’s latest single In Minds of Forlorn Hearts is a high energy collection.

So who are Casiokid?

The band began in 2006 in Milton Keynes, UK as a solo project by singer song writer Jack Bontempi, today Casiokid is Jack (vocals/ keys), Alex (bass), Stu (drums/ samples) and André (guitar/ vocals).


2011 In Minds of Forlorn Hearts Pt1
2010 ‘Your Heart In Digital’ (Limited edition)
2009 ‘Think about it’ Single (Emotron Label)
2008 ‘Casiokid’ Album (Xtal Records)
2008 ‘Save the emotion’ Single (Bbycks records)
2008 ‘Holiday in Hyrule’ single (GM4U)
2007 ‘Match made in heaven’ Single (EmotronLabel)
2007 ‘Soundfuse’ Album (EmotronLabel)
2007 ‘Never know’ Single
2006 ‘StreetFight’ Demo

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