Featured Artist: Milk White White Teeth

With a beautiful dance sound, Milk White White Teeth, a Leeds based 8 piece collective take inspiration from cheese, Kurt Cobain and strawberry milk in varying measures.

Electro-pop band Milk White White Teeth
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Their 2010 single Ingrid Won’t Smile is the product of a slightly skewed turn of phrase paired with an acute ability to create innovative harmony.

Richly textured, beautifully layered and never unnecessary, their sound combinations, and sometimes quirky instrument choices, add to the quality compositions.

Jon Crabbe and Barrie Wilson, the original cofounders of the assemblage, set out the frame on which the rest of the troupe add the fabric using “Lyrics chosen for aesthetics and the moods they create, as opposed to direct story telling”.

Classified as unsigned, Milk White White Teeth are set to broaden their fan base past that of their loyal Leeds lovies and Huw Stephens’.