Free giveaways…. the pro’s and con’s


Everyone loves a freebie, even if we don’t actually like the product, most of us will take it if it’s free! That’s the reality. So as artists we have to ask ourselves whether it’s really worth it? Giving up something that we’ve worked so hard at and spent so much time on to be downloaded by someone who may not even like it…? It’s a balancing game, weighing up the pro’s and the con’s, so we have kindly put together a list for you! On one hand, a free giveaway is a great promotional tool, everybody loves a freebie. On the other hand it can devalue your work. Read on for the positives and negatives of a free giveaway… I’ve even alternated the pro’s and con’s for you, so you’re not reading a massive depressive list! Read on…

Negative 🙁
loss of devoted fans

The problem with reaching out to new fans, is that very few are likely to become devoted fans… It’ll mean you gain loads of downloads on that track, but those people will not necessarily come to your gig or buy your CD.  But, that aside, its a great way to share your music, and chances are you will gain some true in the process!


Positive 🙂 It’s great promotion

That aside…. as I said earlier, people will download a free track, even if it’s not their cup of tea. So reach out to those who may never stumble across your music, by giving them a free track. Some people may even tweet that they just downloaded a freebie, or post it to their Facebook, so it’s great promo!


Negative 🙁 Loss in Money

You will lose money giving away a free track… pretty obvious, but honestly, it’s not the worst thing that can happen. Focus on working on the relationships with the new fans and it should pay for itself soon!


Positive 🙂 New Fans

You will make new fans – Just try and maintain the relationship with those people who downloaded your track for free. Maybe you could swap the track for an email address? Once you have that, you can let them know of your future releases and keep them updated about gigs.


Positive 🙂 Less leg work

As I said before, your music will spread fairly quickly with a free download, making less work for you!


Positive 🙂 It’s like a business card


You maybe inclined to give away a track you don’t think will sell well, but don’t! Give away an amazing track, that people will play over and over. This will really push people to buy your next release, and help the track go viral!


Have you ever given away a free track, we want to know!


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