Free Social Media Analytical Tools Available To You

As an artist with a band page or website, wouldn’t it be useful to be able to see how many fans you’re able to reach, or if you have fans in different countries that want to find out more about you? If you haven’t tried these features out before, you’d be surprised at the number of free tools there are online to analyse the statistics of your social media sites – information which you can use to your advantage!

Here are some of the free tools available online which will help you to keep a track on fan analytics.


bitly (

As well as a means for shortening links to fit into tweets, this website also includes a very useful analysis tool. You can create a free account with bitly, add the links that you want to post, and keep track of the statistics of each link.

By accessing the “Analyze” tab at the top of your bitly page, you can see the number of clicks on a daily basis for all the links in your account. You will also be able to see the percentage of referrals from each site, for example your Facebook or Twitter, which will enable you to see which of these has had the most clicks from the links you’ve posted. The Analyze tab also tells you which countries your fans are based.

By entering your link followed by a “+” in the address bar of your internet browser (, or adding “/info/” in the middle of your link ( you can also bring up the statistics as above for that particular link too, which is super handy! The “Conversations” statistics also shows you how many tweets and Facebook shares, likes and comments this link has had – another very useful feature.

More information on how to analyse your links on bitly can be found here.


Crowd Booster (

Crowd Booster enables you to manage both your Facebook and Twitter accounts in one place. They offer lots of little gems of knowledge with your own personalised “Target Recommendations”, which talk you through the best strategies to reach out to your fans and audience. The Dashboard feature will show you graphs and figures on your total reach, impressions, influential followers and more.

Logging in with your Twitter account will easily allow you to analyse, for example, how many people you reached for individual tweets. You can also track how your fan base has grown over a period of time, and audience insights show you your most interactive fans.


Klout (

Klout analyses data on your social media sites and your overall online presence to measure your influence on others. Log in using your Twitter or Facebook account, and you will be given a Klout score (measured on a scale of 1 to 100) based on your ability to drive action in social networks.

Some of the websites Clout uses to measure your score include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. The team at Klout are currently working on incorporating Facebook Pages, YouTube, Tumblr and among others.

Similarly to Crowd Booster, Klout very nicely compiles together some graphs to show your True Reach (i.e. the number of people you influence), your Amplification (how much you influence them) and the influence of your Network. It also tells you what topics you are influential about, e.g. Music, which are calculated by the content (blogs/posts etc.) you produce and the responses you receive from your audience.


Zimbalam Free Tools (

As we mentioned in our previous blog (Promote You And Your Music With Our Free Tools) we also offer a number of tools that can help you. As well as the Zimbalam Artist page, embeddable music player, Pro Space and Fan Connect option, we offer statistical tools that will give you clear and accurate statistics on many aspects of your page.

If you’ve uploaded your music to Zimbalam Backstage, you can log in and view your statistics for your releases under the Promotions tab. This will allow you to see individual statistics for your players posted on Myspace, Facebook, the standalone Zimbalam player and also on your Zimbalam Artist Website.

The Promotions tab will tell you how many views and connections your player has had, as well as the countries your listeners are based in.


Have you also noticed the analytical tools within Facebook and YouTube?


Facebook (

You can check out your Facebook page insights on the “Insight” tab, on the left-hand side menu of your page. Here, you can see a graph showing your posts, how many people are talking about your page, and your weekly total reach, as well as statistics for each individual post.
You can also see which age groups and gender your Facebook page appeals to, as well as the countries and cities your fans are based in.


YouTube (

If you have your own channel, you can go into the Analytics tab at the top of the page in the Video Manager, which will show you a general overview of the channel. Using the tabs to the left will show you specific breakdowns in easy to understand graphs and tables for Views, Demographics (information on your audience), Playback Locations (where your video has been accessed from), Traffic sources (where your audience has been directed from). The Engagement reports cover statistics on Subscribers, Likes and Dislikes, Favourites, Comments and Sharing. You can also check out the stats for individual videos, by clicking on the Analytics tab at the top of the particular video’s page. Furthermore, you can also track an individual video’s audience retention (i.e. rewinding or rewatching a video will result in a higher graph) within this tab.

Another useful little tool can be found by clicking on the small graph icon to the bottom right of the video (next to the number of views). Here you can see a list of dates of significant discoveries (e.g. referrals and inbound links, such as the first embedding of your video on a website), information on your most popular audience (gender and age) and where your audience are based, as well as general statistics for the video.


We hope this helps as a starting point to make the most of the free analytical tools available online – it would be interesting to check out audience demographics and find out where your fans are based, so you can target specific areas and regions for gigs and tour dates. Then, you can develop personal marketing and publicity strategies with the information you’ve discovered, to create a better engagement with your fans and optimise your fan base growth.


This post was written by Zimbalam blogger, Hinako Omori


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