How to sell your music and make money!

So, your songs are live on iTunes and Amazon, you’re on Youtube, you’re on Facebook and Twitter – you’ve tried everything but you still can’t get people to buy your music and now it looks like you’ll never break the music industry – sound familiar? Well fear not, us guys at Zimbalam feel your pain and want to help out so with week we’ve decided to help you!

We’ve been trawling the internet, searching for ways that we can help you and we found the perfect guy so we’ve decided to use him as a case study. His name is Trent Reznor; you may have heard about him from his days in Nine Inch Nails but he is a famous for one formula, a formula that will make you money!

He says that if you follow this you can’t go wrong – so it’s worth a try right?


Connect with Fans + Reason to Buy = ££££


That’s it! Simple enough surely? So here’s how you can do it…


Connect with Fans:

That’s easy enough – engage in a conversation with them! Create a relationship so fans feel that know more about you and are connected with you. You could do this by using Twitter, use competitions to attract interest and their attention.


Then you need to give them a Reason to Buy… why should your fans buy your music? Other than it is obviously great, you need to give them a reason to buy… what has your music got that other’s haven’t? You need to give them the motivation, a cause for parting with their precious money!


So, you’ve started making conversations with your fans, building a relationship – you’ve got a bit of a buzz going on and now you are setting yourself apart from every other artist or band around at the moment, a perfect combination and you’ll be getting paid your royalties before you know it!


What’s holding you back?! Surely it is worth a try? Have a look at artists that are doing something that little bit different and see if this ‘formula’ works with them – take Radiohead’s latest King of the Limbs ‘newspaper,’ what do you think?


Worth a try surely? Why don’t you head over to our website  and give it a shot?!


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Written by Freya – Zimbalam UK Team. Find her on Twitter: @freyahoulding

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