Industry News Roundup (28-10-09)

We’re back again with another (somewhat limited) news roundup for you today. There’s seemingly not much happening this morning of interest to the unsigned community but keep reading for a couple of titbits to keep you entertained this afternoon…

Following on from yesterday’s news that MySpace is making a move to further champion new music, there are some interesting opinions expressed in this Forbes Magazine article about MySpace repositioning itself in the global market as a ‘music hub’ and whether it’s too little, too late to save the service from being totally eclipsed by Facebook. In our opinion MySpace will always do what MySpace has done best, and that is provide artists with a recognised platform for promotion but if they can pull this reinvention out of the bag then it could mean big things for artists using it to promote themselves.

In other MySpace-related news, we have a brand spanking new English profile for you all to be friends with, check it out over at, be our friend and get stuck in!

Finally, for some quite unrelated, news, you’re probably well aware that last night/this morning was the simultaneous world premiere of the Michael Jackson send off film, ‘This Is It’ and as we said, it’s not really related to your music career but it’s pretty big news all the same, so for more information on the various premieres around the globe, take your pick of the numerous stories here.

Check back for more news and, as always, send any tips to!