Installation method for Zimbalam Player on Facebook

You want your Zimbalam player on Facebook ? Here’s a new way  to install the player on your artist fan page !

Type in “Static HTML : iframe tabs” into the search bar and click on the first result.

UK Tuto 1


On the application’s landing page, click on « Add Static HTML to a page »

Tuto 2

Then chose on which of your fan pages  you wish to install the Zimbalam Player (you must be an administrator for this page).

UK Tuto 3


Log in to your your Zimbalam Backstage, section « My Player », and choose the player your want to export on your Facebook fan page.

UK Tuto 4


Configure the Player on the upper part of the page, and once you’re done, copy the html code displayed above the player.

UK Tuto 5


Back now on your Facebook page and click on “Settings” in the upper right corner (next to the “Help” button).

Once in the Settings, click on the “Apps” tab.

UK Tuto 6


In the apps, find the “Static HTML: iframe tabs” one and click on “Edit Settings”.

UK Tuto 7


Here, you can change the image and the name of the tab. In our case, we’ll call it « My player ! », and will replace the image with a music note.

1 – To change the name, type in the new name you’ve chosen, and click on « save ».

2 – To change the image, click on « change ».

UK Tuto 8


Now, come back to your artist page, and click on the tab of the application you’ve just installed (here, “My player !”). You’ll find it by clickin on the “More” button.

UK Tuto 9


In the box, paste the HTML code (of your player) you’ve just copied. PAY ATTENTION : you need to add an “s” between “http” and “://”.  then click on save changes.  Then, click on “Save & Publish”, and on “Return to Facebook”.

UK Tuto 10


Tip : if you want the player to be placed in the center of the page, you just have to add the html tag « <center> » at the beginning of the code.

There you go ! Your tab is now well configured and operational !

UK Tuto 11