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We all use Facebook, it can’t be avoided, even my Gran has an account! As well as being a way to keep in touch socially, it is also an essential marketing tool for both artist and labels. It is undoubtedly the quickest and easiest way to interact with Fans, feedback is now readily available from your entire fan base, by a simple update. The site itself is constantly changing, making it easier for you to update at any time. How did we manage without it? The majority of bigger artist have a team of people, devoted to managing social media accounts, but for the majority, it is something we just have to keep on top on ourselves.


Yesterday, I attended a course with CMU, giving top tips on social media. So here’s some advice that I found really helpful…


  • Check your Edgerank regularly

This  is your social media ‘ranking,’ given to you by Facebook. Ever noticed the ‘X people saw this post’ this is dependent on edgeranking, basically, the higher your ranking the more people that will see your post. A Good edgerank is usually high 20’s. To boost your edgeranking you’ll need to engage with fans regularly. Each fan base is different so there’s no magic solution to get fans interacting, but in my opinion, pictures work. You can check your edgeranking here
Sorry if that got a little geeky, the rest is not that bad, I promise…

  •  Read through the Facebook Rules

There’s a lot! For example, it’s illegal to put any call of actions in the cover photo, sorry if I lost anyone there in my geeky, techy talk, it’s contagious I swear. What I mean is, its against the rules to ask any one to do anything in your cover (which is the wide photo at the top of the timeline). So asking people to ‘like’ you, or to listen to your music is actually illegal and could mean you get banned, or at least suspended. It is also illegal to run any competitions on your timeline, you are meant to download a Facebook competition app and run it there. In reality, the chances of facebook, firstly, catching you and punishing you, are very small, but it has happened before, and a suspension on a page can be so damaging to your social media, you need to way up is it worth the risk.

  • The Engagement Rule

Don’t worry, this isn’t a rule like the facebook rule, this is just a rule that social media experts suggest you stick to. It’s the 70/30 rule, 30% of posts should be self promoting, while the other 70 should encourage fan engagement. This will really improve your edgranking (see point 1.) Although the whole point of social media is to self promote, pages just asking fans to buy their music or attend their gigs usually have low interactions. It’s good to interact, so ask some questions and have some fun, and remember to thank fans for their support, they’ll be really mean not to give it a ‘like’ 🙂
4. Post Scheduler
This is a life saver for anyonemanaging their own page. Facebook now allows you to schedule a post, either ahead of time, or in the past, which in my opinion is a bit weird, why would anyone want to schedule a post in the past?! Anyway, next time you update a status, click on the little clock that appears below the text box, and it’ll allow you to schedule a post up to a year in advance, for any one who knows what they will be doing and how they will be feeling in November 2013 🙂 This is a great tool for anyone with fans in the US, or if you just want some time off from social media!

  •  Analytics

Facebook insights are free, and available to everyone automatically, so use them to gauge what posts work best with your fan base. When you switch to your artist page, you will see a control panel above your photo, and within that panel you will find the insights tool. Once youve clicked on it you will be able to sort posts into ones that had most users engaged. Take notes of what times, what days and what type of posts work well. If this all seems like too much work, there are services available that’ll work this all out for you and tell you what to post and when, services like ‘Hootsuite’ and ‘Sprout Social’, but they do come at a price.

So there you go, there’s some basic tips for Facebook! Hope you found them as useful 🙂


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