M Magazine: PRS for Music and Zimbalam

Here at Zimbalam, we’ve joined up with PRS to offer artists and PRS members a discount when they sign up to use our services.

PRS for Music  stands for the Performing Rights Society, and  joins together two royalty collection organisations: PRS and MCPS. They help businesses get access to some of the worlds best music, whilst also ensuring that composers, songwriters and publishers are properly rewarded. It is one of the world most efficient companies in rights collecting, offering its members more money, more often, and at less cost.

M and Zimbalam are offering a £5 discount to PRS members if they choose to distribute with us. To become a member of PRS, follow this link:  www.prsformusic.com/creators/wanttojoin/join_us

Simply enter the code ZIM4PRS when signing up.

The offer is valid until August 4th 2012.

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