Making the most of the festive season…

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the tunes can be delightful.

Christmas, much like love, is a theme that’s touched by every musical genre. It makes for acceptable pop, rock, classical and even R&B music because Santa Clause is a pretty universal dude.

So on that note, enjoy five random Christmas jams…

5. Milly & Silly – Getting Down For Christmas

4. blink-182 – I Won\’t Be Home For Christmas

3. Elephant Man – Bad Man Holiday

2. Madison Park – Winter Wonderland

1. Unknown Artist – Bollywood Jingle Bells

We hope you’ve had some fun with our festive music alternative top hits but there is a more point to all this festive silliness, we want you to know that you don’t have to be Cliff Richard to make the most of the Season as an artist. Here are some tips and tricks on how to make the most of the festive season and even the January sales…

Play a gig

Christmas is like a million birthdays all at once, almost everyone you know is celebrating. It’s the perfect opportunity to score yourself a gig, be it an office Christmas party or at the pub, there are loads of festive activities where you can hone your performance skills.

Write a Christmas song (or cover one)

If you’re feeling inspired by the Christmas Spirit, why not join the likes of Coldplay and The Killers and use this year’s Christmas spirit to get ahead of the game and write a brand new Christmas classic in time for next year’s festive charts. Seasonal topics such as Christmas dinner (Nat King Cole), the snow (Bing Crosby) and Christmas drinking (Dolly Parton) are all the rage this time of year, so give it a go, if you dare. Not inspired? No problem, there’s a million Christmas songs that you can cover.

Make a Christmas video

There’s an awful lot of people procrastinating online at this time of year, our advice: Put yourself out there. Cover some Christmas songs during rehearsal time and release some sessions on Youtube.

Make the most of the January sales

Everyone’s spending money at this time of year, but there is so much mainstream music to choose from, independent artists can find it hard to get any attention, so why not use the time before Christmas to put something together for your fans to spend their Christmas money on in January? What’s more, music doesn’t have to cost £7.99, why not put together a few tracks for a couple of quid and run your very own January sale!

But if that all seems too much like hard work, why not wrap up warm and sit on the sofa with a mince pie, there’s always next year…