Master your tracks in few clicks

Mastering is one of the most difficult and expensive post-production steps.

Thanks to LANDR, our new partner, you can master instantly your tracks for only £6,69 and just in few clicks only.


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How does it work?

1. Log into your Backstage and go on the “master my tracks” section.

2. Click on “master my tracks”; a widget appears.

3. Just drag and drop the song you want to master, and few seconds after listen to the free master preview and compare it with the original un-mastered track.

4. Then, you can decide to purchase your mastered track (through your Paypal account or by credit card) and you will receive it directly by email.


LANDR incubated and refined algorithms developed over eight years of university research, testing and tweaking based on feedback from trained audio expert. LANDR listens to your tracks individually, giving your music clarity, punch, and studio-quality sound.


Go on “Instant Mastering” section of your Zimbalam Backstage for more info and start mastering now !