Music Industry News Roundup 30-10-2009

There’s some interesting news floating around out there today, so get on with reading it already…

UK Broadband provider, Tiscali, have got involved in the new download store boom and launched their very own new music download store, ‘Tiscali Music For Life’. The service is powered by eMusic with the eMusic catalogue available through the new portal. As the service is powered by eMusic, Zimbalam artists’ music will already available on the new service, which is great news as the ‘launch’ should bring a significant number of new customers to the service. Find out more here.

As we told you yesterday, Google launched a new music service yesterday, ‘OneBox’, and today Billboard have weighed in with an interesting article about what this could mean for the music industry and the way we consumer music. Their are some interesting theories in the article but in our opinion they have missed the point of the new service, claiming that, for the most part, finding music using Google is already easy enough so why bother with the new platform. In our eyes, the argument is not so much about ease of discovery, but more to do with ease of purchase and the instant provision of a legal, legitimate and high quality result to music searches, rather than relying on sketchy pirated YouTube videos and lyrics websites for music links.

The Guardian have also blogged some thoughts on the previously reported story that single sales in 2009 are higher than ever before, discussing whether the single can save the music industry. There are definitely some interesting opinions, mostly focusing on the fact that while singles are selling more than ever, they’re also selling for much less than ever before and the resulting low margins (which are now lower than ever) are not enough to sustain the business, which still focuses heavily on album sales to turn over sufficient profits. Read more on the blog, here.

Finally, here’s one we missed yesterday, Steve Purdham, CEO of popular music streaming service We7 has written a piece for The Times, explaining his opinion on why Mandelson’s ‘three strikes’ policy is not the answer to music piracy. Check it out here, very interesting, and well informed, read.

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