Music News Review – 10/02/12

iLike closed on Facebook, moved to Myspace

This week saw the closure of iLike, once the most popular Facebook music application peaking with 60 million registered members. As reported by Music Week, the online music sharing and download service was snapped up in 2009 by Myspace after its launch, but only three years later their official website redirects you to their Myspace page, bearing the words “We welcome you to Myspace, home of the largest catalog of FREE steaming music on the web!” on its banner.

In the wake of the closure, iLike co-founder Hadi Partovi spoke in an interview with Geek Wire, blaming “radical changes in the Facebook platform” as well as Rupert Murdoch’s failure to take advantage of available tech assets for Facebook under his management. However, the iLike team are still on full form as Partovi has hinted on the new startups they are involved with in Seattle, namely ThinkFuse, Familiar and PaperKarma.


Paul McCartney’s music pulled from all streaming services

Universal Music Group Distribution have requested both Paul McCartney’s solo and “Wings” content to be taken down from “all streaming services” on behalf of Concord (and Hear Music), much to Rhapsody’s dismay. According to Digital Music News, Rhapsody were ‘shocked’ over the removal request after over four years of streaming his music. Spotify responded by saying the content requested for removal had already been taken down from their catalog in 2010, and any Paul McCartney tracks remaining on their service were licensed through other compilations. It was reported that Rdio was also expected to be removing McCartney’s content.

The removal of McCartney’s tracks comes at the same time as the announcement of his exclusive live-stream performance on the iTunes Store and over Apple TV on February 9th. The performance featured songs from his new album, “Kisses on the Bottom”, which was released three days prior to the stream on February 6th.


Independent Music Publishers hit out at VEVO

It was announced last week that VEVO has generated $150 million in revenue, just two years after its launch. The video service run by Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Abu Dhabi Media Group (with EMI licensed content) offers videos from three of the four major labels, as well as distributing music videos online for several labels. However, Songs Music Publishing founder Matt Pincus has hit back at VEVO saying that independent music publishers are entitled to a share of this money, seeing as they have not yet been paid a penny.

Videos from Songs Music Publishing’s roster of writers appear on VEVO, including Brooklyn’s noise-pop duo, Sleigh Bells. The issue here is that the labels are being paid advertising revenue from VEVO, but not passing on the publisher’s share, according to Billboard. President of Downtown Music Publishing Justin Kalifowitz supported Pincus’s argument, suggesting that “labels have felt they can speak on behalf of publishing rights they don’t control”.

In more recent news, VEVO have further landed themselves in hot water after streaming a pirated NFL playoff game during a company-sponsored event – they were caught out when a buffering message appeared on screen at their SunDance PowerStation venue in Utah…


M.I.A.’s middle finger salute

Following the annual Super Bowl show held in Indianapolis last Sunday, MIA angered masses of viewers and stormed the headlines when she stuck up her middle finger during her half time show performance with Madonna and Nicki Minaj. Madonna was not best pleased at MIA’s gesture either during the biggest TV game of the year, claiming that she had ruined the positive atmosphere of the show. The broadcast is said to have been watched by some 110 million viewers on NBC.

Unfortunately for MIA, she may have an expensive price to pay for her mistake, as according to the NME the contract that she signed meant she agreed to compensate NFL of any fines incurred if the Federal Communications Commissions backed complaints made about the broadcasted show.


This post was written by Zimbalam blogger, Hinako Omori

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