New music global release date!

Till now, music release date was different according to the country you were living in: on Fridays in Australia or Austria, on Mondays in France and in the UK and on Tuesdays in the US and in Canada. And for labels these release dates are very important because of charts: more days of sales you have on the 1rst week, more chance you have to rank high into the charts.

The problem: someone in France could listened to a song before someone in the US.

“In today’s digital world the old system of national release days doesn’t make sense” said the IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry).

That’s why, few months ago, the IFPI announced that the new global release date will be on Friday from July 10th.

As a Zimbalam artist, you still can chose to release your album on a Tuesday if you want, but remind that from now when we will think “Friday”, we will also think “new music”!