Onesheet becomes the new LinkedIn for the Music world!

Last month Onesheet announced  a major change for all artist profiles and us guys at Zimbalam HQ reckon this is something you should serioulsy think about… The pages are simple and easy to use (and set up!) pulling all content from over the internet. However, the company have had decided that while the profiles are great a great platform for artist promotion they are not the best as a professional profile; so they have decided to create a new page that rivals LinkedIn.

This is a niche area that LinkedIn falls short of, Onesheet said ‘We want to give you something to be proud of. We want to help your career grow not by building your fan base, but by building your reputation.’

The new profile will allow artists to be professionally represented and connected with other artists in the industry, therefore helping them to grow and hopefully become successful. The new Onesheet with be a place for musicians to list projects worked on, who represent them and their qualities; things they are good at. It will be a platform that allows all entertainment professionals to connect, they are able to endorse, follow and contact the musicians whilst keeping up to date with everything that their colleagues are doing.

Onesheet have released details of the new profile highlights:

  • Highlighted Media: Choose the video or audio that shows you off and add it to the top of your new Onesheet profile. It’s big, bold, and the #1 thing people will see when they get to your page.
  • Press: Showcase all your press attention in one place! Simply add the URL for the article that’s been written about you and we’ll pull in the title, blurb, and image. You should really add all your press to your Onesheet.
  • Endorsements: Ask people you’ve worked with to visibly endorse you. It tells others that you are reliable and good at what you do and shows you off even more!
  • Tags: You can add what skills you have, what instruments you play, etc… Adding this structured information will make you a lot easier to find.
  • Privacy: You can password protect any new project Onesheet and track to see who has accessed it. So if you have a new single, movie, album, or other project that you want to share with people, you can build a Onesheet for it but only allow access to those that should have it! Clever, right?!
  • Content from the Web: We’ve long believed that if you’re publishing content around the web, it should be easy to pull into your Onesheet. The new Onesheet is no different. Many of the pages stay up to date with content from other sites!
  • Projects (Coming Soon): Now add your entire filmography or discography to Onesheet incredibly easily. Just add projects on your Onesheet. You’ll appear on all those pages.
  • Representation (Coming Soon): List your manager, agent, publicist, etc.. Make sure they’re on Onesheet so people can find you and your people.

But what happens to the current Onesheet profiles?

Well, the current Onesheet page users will be able to continue using their ‘old’ profiles, but under the new name of Onesheet Splash Pages. But to keep it simple, the Pro tier and free tier will be combined and Splash Pages will be a premium product offered at a yearly subscription price of $60/year.

But all existing Onesheet Splash Pages will stay active for the next 60 days, allowing you to decide if it’s worth paying for and they are offering big discounts for existing users; if you activate your yearly subscription in August, you can get the next year for just $10. That’s the entire year for $10, which is over 80% less than Pro users are paying now! If you sign up in September, you save 50% and get the next year for $30. After that, you get the normal $60/year price.

But don’t forget, having the new Onesheet is a privilege to be a part of the exclusive club! Current users are in! And can invite in others that they deem worth of joining. But remember that this is a closed, private network and we are relying on the community to keep it amazing.

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