Optimising YouTube – Video Descriptions and Thumbnails

We are getting a lot of questions about Optimising your YouTube channels and using is as a tool to promote your music. We are going to post regular blogs on tips and hints to optimise your YouTube channels and try to make it an easy and clear process for all Zimbalam artists!

This week we are going to talk about the video description area within YouTube. When uploading a video direct onto YouTube or using our video system, we advise for the description to include a subscribe call to action and the title/performer of the video. YouTube’s algorithm takes into account the description information, so making sure the title of the video and the performer is inserted into the description is important to make sure videos are optimised for search.

For the subscribe call to action, we advise a simple piece of text such as ‘Subscribe to the official (Your channel name) channel here’.  You should then insert the direct subscription URL or a bit.ly link. The subscription URL for your channel will be: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=yourchannelURL Note: where ‘yourchannelURL’ is, you should replace this with the YouTube URL of your channel.

By following this tutorial your descriptions of your videos would then appear like this:   Subscribe to the official (Your channel name) channel here! (Followed by a bit.ly link or the subscribe URL)   Video title/ performer of video   More detailed description of the video.       Following this tutorial will mean your videos are optimised for search and subscribers within the description section.

The importance of video thumbnails.
A thumbnail is the image that represents your video to your potential audience on YouTube. If your video is the product, then the thumbnail is the window display – it should entice people searching on YouTube to click on your video and watch what you are offering. thumbnails3874fc
Use the thumbnail in conjunction with the title of the video. Think about the title of the video, and how the thumbnail can reflect the title of the video and draw attention to your potential audience.
Bright colourful images grab attention. Think about how your thumbnail will sit against others in search. Thing about simple modifications such as the contrast of the thumbnail to make the thumbnail standout.
Accurately represent the content within your videos. Be honest, but be creative – try and show what’s in the video in a visually arresting way.

Whether you decide to use a tweaked screen-grab or a completely original picture to represent your content, we advise that you follow these tips to make the most of your advertising space.
Keep it clear, in focus and formatted correctly. Nobody likes low resolution, stretched or skewed images.
We advise to create a different thumbnail for each video. Keep this in mind when shooting your content, if you can take an extra 2 minutes to grab a shot that would make the perfect thumbnail, then do. If you do want to create a returning thumbnail that you will use for every video that will help viewers recognise your content, then follow the above tips and keep it simple, colourful and creative.
Being aware of the best way to sell yourself and your content will mean your videos are optimised for search, and will help you to grow your viewing figures and your subscriber base. Think of yourself and your videos as a brand and the thumbnails as your adverts. Sell the best version of your brand possible.

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