Press Release Tips

The team at Zimbalam are always trying to think of new ways to make sure you’re doing the most to get your music so with a big thanks to CMU for these tips…

So, what makes a good press release?

–          Most respondents stressed the value of personalised press releases or cover notes, demonstrating knowledge of their own journalistic output.

–          Obviously this is not possible if you are servicing 100s of journalises, so probably create one press release for all, but write personalised cover notes for your most important target DJs and journalists

–          For key contacts, it is probably worth following up with a phone call – but ask journalists how they prefer to be contacted.


Press Release: Top Tips

  1. Get to the point, fast. What’s the story here? Think: What, when, where, who, why, how.
  2. Adopt a neutral style.
  3. Always include a named note from the artist or label
  4. Present lists as a list (not a table, avoid tabs if possibl)
  5. Push anything but the core information into ‘notes for editors’
  6. Always include a photo (or maybe a link to one)
  7. Keep the layout simple and image-lite
  8. Think about what format you’ll provide it in – NOT PDF
  9. Always include a date, and make any embargo very clear.
  10. Make sure contact information is correct.


Press Releases: Photos

–          Always send a photo – either attach to the email (if less than 1MB) or provide a link.

–          For print media, photos need to be 300 dpi and at least the size they will appear on the page (JPEG format).

–          If possible provide a landscape, portrait and a square photo, so whatever the gap on the page or web page, your photo fits.

–          If possible provide details of who is in the photo – ie which band member (left to right)

–          Press photos should be made available on the artist, label and any PR agency website, in an unpassworded clearly labelled press section.

–          Probably also put the photos on MySpace and Facebook pages


Making things newsworthy:

–          Artist back story

–          Song back story

–          Deals being signed (with quotes from relevant A&R people)

–          Noteworthy collaborations (producers, guest singers, video directors)

–          Gig and festival dates (especially regional media)

–          An artist’s personal link to cities and regions (especially regional media)

–          Innovative live shows (unusual locations etc)

–          Links to political or charity initiatives

–          Other content (interesting videos, blogs, video diaries)

–          Publicity stunts

–          Celebrity link ups

–          Controversial quotes

–          Scandals – just forward links to other people’s coverage

–          Look on to other peoples news.


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