Promote Your Music With Our Free Tools

Zimbalam provides their artists with straightforward and comprehensive tools that allow them to promote themselves and their music online. Our tools will also help in the marketing process, to aid promotion and publicity and maximize sales.

Zimbalam Artist Page

One of our premier free tools, the Zimbalam Artist Page, allows our musicians to create simple websites, centralise their content, sell their music and even run promotional campaigns. It also lets artists, or labels, keep all your content on one page, that can be fully customized.Artist Pages are easy to create and require no HTML knowledge to customize, embed videos & upload your artwork. Simply choose a unique address for your page (e.g. and follow the easy-to-follow steps. Use your page as a hub for all your music/news/videos and more and build lasting relationships with your fans by using the free track tool, you get their email address in exchange Links that lead directly to where your music is being sold online are on your page automatically, which optimizes the potential for you to sell your music. With the Artists Website you also have access to clear statistics, so you can analyze the success of your promotional and marketing campaigns.

Exportable Player

Our embeddable player is compatible with all your online media, including MySpace and Facebook. You can customize the content and appearance of the Zimbalam Player by altering your biography; photos; videos; news, and you can also change the Players background image, and its colour. There is also direct-buy links on the Player to the stores that sell your music, which helps to optimize sales. The email grabber function also allows you to collect the email addresses of your fans.


Pro Space


Pro Space is a free tool which allows you to easily share media with selected partners from the comfort of your bandt page. The set up is easy, while configuring you artist page simply select the Pro Space option and set up a campaign. This is where you create a login and password which you then give out to the necessary people who you want to be able to download or play the package you have added.  You can upload media to pro space in the following formats: pdf, mp3, or zip.


Zimbalam Fan Connect

The Fan Connect option gives you access to tool that are designed to improve the relationship you have with your fans; import all your old contacts and collect new ones with features like the email grabber. Keep you database of contacts updated, and send them personalized email, or newsletters with our newsletter tool.

This feature also allows you to see data and statistics about your contact with the fans, which aids with building a communications strategy and a stronger, longer-lasting relationship.


Clear and Accurate Statistics

From each of these tools, you can get in-depth statistics that help you accurately assess how well your marketing and promoting campaigns are doing.
For example, you can monitor the number of people clicking on your direct-buy links, along with the number of contacts you collect through the email grabber. You can also see how many people are opening your newsletter and in what area, too, plus lots of other data.
All of these tools help you with marketing and publicity strategies, and maximize the amount of music you sell online.

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