Simple Social Media rules all artists should follow:

Social media platforms are the easiest way to reach your entire fan base, and provide great promotion for artists. But don’t switch off just yet, this is not a really boring, long winded, techy blog, Read on for the 5 most basic rules of social media… there’s even a picture for those who are too busy to read 🙂

Keep it updated… Or delete it – Nothing looks worse than an artist page that’s really dated. Unless your going to be socially active on there, engaging with fans and keeping tour dates, biogs and pictures up to date, there really isn’t much point your page being there. In fact, it will give fans a negative image of your page (and essentially you) Keeping things up to date will literally take a few minutes, so put some aside, once a week and keep it up to date.


Always write back – Again, it will take seconds, but a reply from an artist can turn a fan, into a super fan. A fan who’s going to share your images, take pictures at your gigs, and generally spread the word of how great you are J


If a Facebook post is doing well, promote it – I know theres a lot of uproar about paying for facebook at the moment, but due to the sheer size of facebook, it decides who see what of your content, based on what they’ve previously reacted to (liked or commented etc) so it maybe worth promoting popular posts, rather than the posts are just purely promoting you. Once people are on your page they will see your promotional posts, the hard thing is getting them there, so promote funny posts, ones that are already getting a lot of interaction.


Always talk as yourself, not a brand – Crucial for artists. People follow you because they are interested in you. Not someone talking about you, or selling your CD. Let people know the real you. Contraversial posts work!


Pinterest Works – People love pictures. Make boards of your favourite things… inspirations for your next album, gig photos. It’s easy, it’s popular, it just works.


So there you have it… Stick to those 5 rules and you should be fine. Here’s some more tips from Hypebot.

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