Struggling Musician? Tips you probably haven’t thought of to help you get that number Number One!

Are you a struggling musician? Just can’t find that big break? Think you have done everything and tired of waiting to be discovered? The team at Zimbalam have decided to put together a few ideas to help you break into this fickle industry that we all love…

1. Use your friends!

Look around you, look at your Facebook friends, Twitter followers all your fans love you! Now look back at them closely – are there any that can help you? Any friends that are promoters and willing to put you on? Any friends with links to the industry? If they have get in contact with them, organise a drink and have a chat. There is truth to strength in numbers, working with others increases your fan so it grows and grows; soon labels, promoters and managers will be knocking at your door.


2. Gig Trade

Fancy playing a show in a new area to expand your audience? One easy tip for you; find similar bands that area that bring in similar numbers as you and get in contact with them. Ask them to book a gig for both you and them and let them headline, you’ll be main support and when you show up and wow the fans you will see your numbers soar! Then repay the favour and invite them to play! Everyone’s happy; audiences grow and you get promoted on different territories.


3. Team up so you have joint releases…

Fancy putting out a really arty 7’’ single but it’s too pricey? Why not join forces with another artist and produce a double A-side, then you have halved the price but have double the promotion; clever?! We think so! You can remain in full control but you get the chance to develop a bigger and better promotional campaign and whilst keeping costs down.


4. Start a club night

So you want a regular slot that sells out? Have you thought about running your own night? You can play at it or simply do a DJ set and when you make enough money you can get other similar acts to you to play or do DJ sets! Your basically creating your very own regular party, it doesn’t have to be every week or even every month, but maybe make sure you do couple a year, perhaps four, one every quarter? So people get familiar with your brand and band.


5. Collaborate with someone else – just don’t break the law!

All these ideas (and loads more too!) absolutely amazing and work, as long as you don’t break the law! Please don’t break any copyright laws or violate the terms of any agreements you may have. The main thing is to remember; you don’t need permission to collaborate with someone on a new idea. Your idea can be as crazy as you like, in fact the crazier the better! Have you hears about Portishead’s blue mannequins?! Mad but it worked!


6. Cooperation and Collaboration

In the end you are basically collaborating and cooperating with other artist to break into the industry. These two words will be your favourite buzz words just remember: You scratch their back and they’ll scratch yours!


7. Don’t worry about the competition

It might be a bit daunting, I bet you are thinking ‘Oh yeah, we’ve heard it all before’ but it’s all about hard work, you have to keep on trying, if you want it that badly of course!

You’re probably quite hesitant about cooperation because they are your competition! But if you don’t make friends then they can’t help you, besides, you might make it big first and then they will be wanting your help!

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