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Free online services connecting you with promoters, gig databases and more…

February, 14th 2012 20:00

This week, we’re looking at the websites available which enable you to get in touch with music services, such as promoters and concert databases.



Artistdata is a great website, enabling to update all your band profiles at once as well as send details of your upcoming gigs to top online concert databases – this way, you can ensure that your social media websites and gig listing websites are updated with the latest information. It’s a free service, and here are some of the features that they offer:

  • Update your status on your social network accounts at once, including MySpace, Facebook and Twitter
  • Upload your gig details – date, time, show type, name, venue, ticket price, age limit, poster etc.
  • Artistdata will submit your concert dates to top online concert databases for you (including BandsInTown and SongKick), saving you lots of time
  • Create your own ArtistData profile which displays all the content you’ve uploaded to Artistdata, as well as ticket links, recent Twitter posts and a customisable banner

The website is powered by Sonicbids, which is another useful site for musicians to help them find gigs – the services they offer require a monthly fee, but you can try their services for free for the first two weeks. Some of the features they offer include building your EPK, finding gigs through their site, checking statistics for your Twitter, and Google blogs, and promoting your gigs.