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Music News Review – 17/02/12

February, 17th 2012 19:06

Indie labels storm the Grammys, and social media goes wild!

Last Sunday (12th February) saw the annual Grammy Awards take place, with a huge social media surge surrounding the event. Facebook and Twitter were amassed with 13 million comments generated by users in the US in the 3 hours before and after, as well as during, the telecast. A new social TV record was also achieved by the awards ceremony, beating the hugely popular Super Bowl event last week.

Independent labels triumphed this year by winning 34 trophies in categories including Best New Artist, Best Album and Best Country Song. According to A2IM (American Association of Independent Music), Bon Ivor won awards for Best New Artist and Best Alternative Album, and label winners included Concord Music Group, Rounder Records and Big Machine.

2011 was also the second consecutive year that the independent labels and artists dominated industry nominations, accountable for 194 of the 387 possible nominations.


Music News Review – 03/02/12

February, 3rd 2012 20:04

What happened at MIDEM…

This week saw MIDEM, the annual music industry conference take place in Cannes, France. Among the many announcements made during the four day event, announced integrations with SoundCloud, Songkick and Topspin, promising to “provide fans and pro users with a range of new opportunities for self expression, sharing and community engagement”, as reported by Music Week. A strategic partnership between Spotify and Coke was also hinted at.

One of the highlights included Hack Day, in which around 30 developers participated in creating new apps to enable fans to discover new music, and to have a deeper involvement with the music by their favourite artists. Hypebot has compiled together a full list of creations from Hack Day, which you can check out here.


Twitter adds Brand Pages

December, 15th 2011 17:30

Twitter started to roll out its new look last week, the biggest change of which being Brand Pages. Early screenshots shows examples, they come across as a mix between Google+ and Facebook Pages. So what are the real changes? and when will it be available to use?

Enhancing your profile page

Add a banner to your page –

Customize with your logo, tagline and any other visual branding you please. The banner must be 835 x 90 px

Promote a Tweet-

Have a particular promotion/competition/release you are working on? Simply promote the tweet with this info on so that it stays visible on your page instead of disappearing amid everything else you tweet.


Google+ Adds Pages – We Explore Their Features

November, 10th 2011 12:42

Google + have added some new features this week that allow a company, band or musician to create a page. While the social network still has some improvements to make, this is definitely a big step in the right direction. So how can Google + work for artists?

Find our page on Google + here


YouTube: Expanding as Music Destination

October, 27th 2011 13:46

The nice people at YouTube have been changing things up a bit, adding more features to make sharing and uploading videos much simpler and a whole load more fun.

There have been at least five new features added to the site to make it better and easier for people to upload videos, including:

  • WeVideo – the cloud-based editor

The WeVideo feature allows the user to edit movies using media files from any device, and to do so in the browser. You can combine clips with music, effects, transitions, animations and titles. You can also share what you’ve just made to your facebook or your twitter, or any other social media site with one little, easy click.

  • Updated Video End-Screen

YouTube have redesigned the end-screen that appears when a video finishes playing. They did this so that it would make it even easier to find the next video to watch. (more…)

Our look into Social Networks, and what they mean for musicians…Part 1

July, 28th 2011 17:26

Last week we imparted our wisdom on the top 10 mistakes that artists make on social media. Following on from that post, this week we’re focusing on the five main social media sites out there, with today’s post being about seasoned pro Facebook, and newcomer Google+. Tomorrow we’ll be giving an overview of the other social networks out there, and what they can offer up to artists.

With the addition of Google+ to the already diverse social media market –  and speculation over Facebook ‘Vibes’ –  what social networking sites offer the most to artist, by way of tools and features, in terms of promoting yourself online?

Speculation has been rife across the media that Facebook will be adding a streaming, and possibly downloading, service, potentially called ‘Vibes’. A hacker, who goes by the name of Jeff Rose, claims on his blog to have discovered an indication of this new service in  html coding for the new video calling app launched by Facebook three weeks ago. If Rose’s revelations are true, and Facebook does in fact go the route of offering a download service, it could rocket the social network into competition with iTunes and Amazon for the top downloading provider. Originally it was rumoured that Facebook’s ‘Music Dashboard’ would be a partnership with Spotify, but new reports from Giga OM suggest that it will be a collaboration with lots of different providers. (more…)

Industry News Roundup 29-10-2009

October, 29th 2009 18:41

There are some pretty big music industry stories breaking today so we’ll get straight onto topic and get stuck in…

Firstly, Google Music, or as it’s officially named, ‘OneBox’, launched in America today. Currently 1-5% of our trans-Atlantic cousins can access the new service ( but this will be ramped up over the coming days and weeks to provide access to everyone and presumably bring it overseas in the not too distant future as well… In essence, the service uses the traditional Google interface, via a new ‘Music’ tab and will allow users to search by artist, title, lyric or song for music. The results will be presented with an image representative of the artist and a ‘play’ button that, when clicked, will open a new player, powered by, allowing the user to stream the song once, in full, for free, before being directed to purchase it from various other platforms.

We are looking forward to having a go on this service, it’s great to see that the big companies are starting to realise the potential of bringing music to the mass audience in a cost-effective and revenue generating fashion. You can watch a video and find out more about Google ‘OneBox’ on Google (believe it or not!) here, or, for less biased information, you could try this story from the BBC.

Next up is file-sharing, now we all know about file sharing and there’s been a great deal of discussion in the press of late, from the perspective of artists, industry professionals and the public discussing the issue but the government have now weighed in and apparently finalised plans for a slightly amended version of the ‘Three Strikes’ legislation that will see persistent file sharers slapped with internet suspension.

Peter Mandelson announced this at the C&binet meeting in Hertfordshire this week outlining that the legislation may be brought into action if internet piracy has not fallen by 70% one year from April 2010. There is a lot of discussion surrounding human rights and complaints from the public, as well as some from artists and the ISPs in charge of the connections but you can read more about all of this here.

What are your thoughts on the piracy debate? It’s always interesting to hear from artists, especially those new to music who have seen ‘free’ music as somewhat of a promotional tool and a way to attract attention.

In related news, there are two interesting (and conflicting) opinions on the fall of torrent-based internet piracy circulating the web today, one from the perspective of the music industry and another from the perspective of the pirates. One suggests torrent traffic fell by 80% when the Pirate Bay was closed in August, the other, claims this is entirely nonsense… Can you guess which opinion belongs to who?
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