The importance of your ‘image’ as an artist

ShareTweet We’ve decided to take a break from looking at the industry this week and decided to focus on you, the artist, and why your image is important. Although it […]

Zimbalam has Partnered with BandWagon Gigs!

ShareTweet    ‘BandWagon makes booking gigs easy’ ‘Whether you’re a band, solo artist or DJ wanting to play to live audiences across the UK, or a promoter, festival or event […]

5 Tip Mash Up : Optimise Your Online Fanbase

ShareTweet It’s a tough time to be a musician, or the right time, depending on who you’re listening to. Whether you’re afraid or fearless, one thing that’s certain is that […]

Media Sharing for Musician’s – Zimbalam Pro Space

ShareTweet Backstage Tip : Did you know that you could share your media with selected partners from your Zimbalam Artist Page? Simply select the ProSpace option while configuring your page […]

Cover This! Make cash with cover songs

Bieber Fever started with a cover song. But Justin Bieber’s not the only artist to be discovered via the cover: Mariah Carey was a pseudo ‘cover queen’ in the 90s and Justin Timberlake discovered the lesser known Esmee Denters covering his music on YouTube. Covers are a unique tool for Artists; even though it is not YOUR music, it aids discovery AND can earn you money. Here’s a couple of suggestions…

Liverpool Sound City

In just three years Liverpool Sound City has already established itself as the UK’s most creative and innovative city-based music events by combining an international perspective on the best in new music, art, film, photography, business, new tech, media and more with one of the world’s most legendary music cities. Zimbalam is proud to partner with Liverpool Sound City this year to celebrate and promote independent music, Zimbalam and Sound City will be releasing a digital compilation of the best new music that the North-West has to offer.

Using Online Media to Promote Your Music

The internet has had a disastrous effect on traditional media, people are becoming more dependent on blogs, e-zines and social networks to discover music and are less dedicated to established players, however, as a musician in the 21st century, the NME’s loss is your gain. Think of your online media campaign as equivalent to gigging and be prepared to give stuff away…

Music Industry News Roundup 30-10-2009

UK Broadband provider, Tiscali, have got involved in the new download store boom and launched their very own new music download store, ‘Tiscali Music For Life’ and Google has launched their new ‘OneBox’ music service. There’s some interesting news about today, join us…