The Zimbalam Back To School Sale!

Just a quick blog to let you know that we are running a ‘Back to School’ sale this weekend covering all album releases. Under the terms of the promotion, all albums paid for before midnight on Monday the 21st September will qualify for a special discounted rate of £19.99, a saving 0f 33% or £10 over the normal album rate!

In order to benefit from this saving you need to validate your album release by midnight this coming Monday. There are no other stipulations, you can still release your album whenever you choose, whether it be one or twelve months from now you just have to complete the upload process and validate the release in time in order to qualify for the promotional rate.

Until midnight this Monday, the price for album validation will be changed so you don’t need a promotional code, simply validate your album and you will be taken to the correct payment page.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your release!

The Zimbalam Team