The Zimbalam MySpace Player is now live!

To further promote the sales of Zimbalam users’ releases online, a new utility is available on the ‘back-office’ of the Zimbalam website. The improved Zimbalam Myspace Player®, is now available on the user interface and is completely compatible with all Myspace Music® profiles.

This new tool will allow fans to easily find and purchase Zimbalam artists’ music through the major retail platforms with just one click.

You can see an example of the player here:

Zimbalam MySpace Player
Zimbalam MySpace Player

An installation walkthrough guide is available on the Zimbalam website back office.

Of course, all previous versions of the player that may already be in use are still functional but we advise users upgrade to the new player to experience all the benefits of the service.

Make full use of the new player and complete all the available sections with Bios, News, Video and tracks to give your fans the most content possible and encourage sales of your music.

We are working on yet more new features, which will soon be added to the service and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

We’ll keep you posted!