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Biography – As a band who is not well known yet, it’s important that you tell the world a bit about yourselves – when you formed, your sound, what you’ve achieved so far and what you’re currently up to (recording a new album, on tour etc) are all good topics. Make sure it isn’t too long winded though, no one wants to read your life story, but don’t simply put “A band from Billericay”. A couple of paragraph’s would be perfect. You can also include a couple of quotes (if you’ve received any) from the press or mention if one of your songs has been played on a reputable radio station’s.

Music – It amazes me the number of unsigned bands out there who don’t make their music available on their BandApps and other social media outlets like Facebook. If you want to be heard more and build your fanbase, then make your music as easily accessible as possible

“But we haven’t got any recorded material yet”, I hear a few of you saying. Well sort out your priorities and focus on writing some (preferably good) songs and get them recorded and stop arsing around on BandApp!

Shows – You’d be surprised by the number of bands that don’t even put up their tour dates. It’s also a sin not to put up any information about the gig/s i.e. the time, location (add a map), where to buy tickets etc.

It is frustrating for a punter like me to have to continually go to external websites, whether it be to listen to your music, see your tour dates or watch your videos, when your BandApp can do it all from one platform!

Photo’s – Obviously your fans want to see what you look like, so don’t be shy, get your pose on! We want to see up to date quality images though, not all iPhone photo’s, so make sure to get a decent set of promo shots/gig shots sorted. On a tight budget? Then get in touch with photography student to do it for free! They’re always looking for ways to bolster their portfolio and most love working in other creative fields like music.

Branding – If you’re not a stone cold dude on Photoshop then get someone who is! If no one in the band has got the skills then get a graphic designer to sort out your branding. Either way, your band needs a decent logo, banner, album artwork, flyers et al. This is a key to making your BandApp look even more slick. Although we provide you with a selection of skin sets to use, the best looking Apps are always the ones when bands use their own designs. This is also very important on your other social media outlets; no one wants to see an ‘egg’ on twitter or an out of focus cover photo on Facebook, so make sure your band’s brand is a priority.

Fans – It’s all about connecting with your followers, so make sure you involve them as much as possible. There are a few good ways to do this, whether it be starting up a conversation on your Fan Wall or regularly posting in your News tab, to tell your fans what you’re up to. Another good way to connect with your fan base is to ask for their input when it comes to questions, such as what should be your next single or giving them the choice of 2 potential album covers and letting them decide. Also, to try and build up a loyal fanbase make sure you respond to people’s posts. Become loyal to your fans and make them feel important and they’ll stick with you.

Exclusive Content – Simple, everyone loves a freebie and if you give them things that they can’t get anywhere else it’s a foolproof way to gain more fans and keep the ones you already have. For example, you could or run a competition where the winner gets two free tickets to your next gig or make one of your tracks exclusive to your BandApp only.

All of the above are great ways to grab our attention and make your band come across as professional as possible, but there really isn’t any point in doing all of this if you haven’t got the tunes to back it up with. As a band always make this your number one priority.

If you have got the tunes and haven’t done so already, then go and build your FREE BandApp at (insert link to partner landing page) and let your social media presence on mobiles take off!


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