Twitter adds Brand Pages

Twitter started to roll out its new look last week, the biggest change of which being Brand Pages. Early screenshots shows examples, they come across as a mix between Google+ and Facebook Pages. So what are the real changes? and when will it be available to use?

Enhancing your profile page

Add a banner to your page –

Customize with your logo, tagline and any other visual branding you please. The banner must be 835 x 90 px

Promote a Tweet-

Have a particular promotion/competition/release you are working on? Simply promote the tweet with this info on so that it stays visible on your page instead of disappearing amid everything else you tweet.

Mobile device –

Twitter apps on the iPhone and Android phones has been updated. It is slowly moving towards looking exactly how Twitter does through a computer.

When will I see the New Twitter?

Twitter has stated in regards to when people will see the upgrade

‘We will slowly roll out enhanced profile pages to a wider audience of brands in the coming months.’

At the moment brand pages have only been made available to 21 marketers: American Express, Best Buy, Bing, Chevrolet,Coca-Cola, Dell, Disney Pixar, General Electric, Heineken, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, JetBlue, Kia,McDonald’s, Paramount Pictures’ Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Nike Basketball, NYSE Euronext, Pepsi, Staples, Subway Restaurants, and Verizon Wireless USA.


Will bands and labels be able to take advantage of the pages?

I put this question to Twitter an am awaiting response, but from what we can see so far there should be no reason why a band or label couldn’t use the brand pages once they are rolled out to everyone.


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