Update: New installation method for Zimbalam Player on Facebook (July 2012)


Facebook has recently changed the applications’ technical requirements, so the Zimbalam Player doesn’t currently work as a normal application any more. However, here is a new (temporary) way  to install the Players on your artist Fan Pages :


Type in “Static HTML : iframe tabs” into the search bar and click on the first result.



On the application’s landing page, click on « Add Static HTML to a page »



Then chose on which of your Fan Pages that you wish to install the Zimbalam Player (you must be an administrator for this page).


Then click on « Add Static HTML : iframes tab ».



Log in to your your Zimbalam Backstage, section « my player », and choose the player your want to export on your Facebook fan page.




Configure the Player on the right part of the page, and once you’re done, copy the html code displayed above the player.




Now, come back to your artist page, and click on the tab of the apliccation you’ve just installed (usually named « welcome », under the page banner, with an image of a white and grey star).



Suggestion ! If you don’t find the application’s tab, maybe you have more than four applications and the tab may be in the second hidden row. To see that second raw, you just have to click on the small button on the right, at the end of the first row. 



In the box, paste the HTML code you’ve just copied, then click on save changes. 



Tip : if you want the player to be placed in the center of the page, you just have to add the html tag « <center> » at the beginning of the code.



In order to configure the tab, go one last time on your Facebook page, and instead of clicking on the tab « welcome », click on the small pencil in the top right corner of the tab. In the drop down menu, choose « Edit Settings ».




Here, you can change the image and the name of the tab. In our case, we’ll call it « listen », and will replace the image with a music note.

1 – To change the name, type in the new name you’ve chosen, and click on « save ».

2 – To change the image, click on « change ».




Then, click again on « change » and choose an image file on your computer.



About images : You can upload a JPG, GIF or PNG file. If the image is larger than 111×74 pixels, it will be resized and converted. File size limit 5 MB. If your upload does not work, try a smaller picture. 



Finally, click on « OK » in order to validate the configuration of the tab.




There you go ! Your tab and your player are now well configured and operational.



Warning ! As the admin of your Fan Page, after installing, if you click on the player’s tab, you will get to the html  page, not directly on the player You visitors will not experience this). In order to check that the player is working well, on the html edition page, you only have to click on « preview » and you will see what your visitors actually see when they click on the player’s tab.



About tabs on facebook pages :


 -If you wish to change the position and order of your tabs, just click on the little pencil in the top right corner of one of them : you will be able to switch position with another one.

 -If you already use a Static HTML Iframe tab on your page, you won’t be able to install a new one : you will have to install a « second tab » version of the application. In order to do this, at the beginning of the tutorial, instead of looking for « static html : iframe tabs », type in « static html : second tab » and install that version. The rest of the process is exactly the same. It will allow you to cumulate two html iframe tabs on your facebook Fan Page.

 -There is also the option of a “third tab”, “fourth tab”, … for this application if your wish to install several players, or if your already use this application for other purposes. 

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  1. Hi
    It still doesn’t work on my fan page. I can go through all the steps, but when I go back to my page, nothing happens : no player neither the app logo on the left corner…
    Please help

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