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Technically, we can’t blame the recent spate of bank holidays on our lack of Zimbalam Featured Artists recently, we’ve just been supremely busy, and for that we apologise.

To make up for it, we’ll be featuring 5 different artists this week, so remember to report back to the blog every day to see who’s going to be featured next, and if you’ve made the cut…

MONDAY – 16.05.11

Zimbalam Featured Artist : Gak Jonze

UK based rapper, Gak Jonze, made his first public appearance at age 9. Rapping since the age of five, Gak started his recording career with garage track ‘Your Body’, since then he fronted for ‘Live Evil’ under the name Kameallion, before forming City Boy Soul with Coree Richards of Damage.

Gak’s single ‘Rock Boi’ drops today, visit his website to see the video.


Want more Gak? Find him below


M-MONDAY – 17.05.11

Zimbalam Featured Artist : Eins, Zwei Orchestra

Powerful and colourful dutch shoegazers, Eins Zwei Orchestra, is a Stefan and Lydia van Maurik project.


Listen to Eins Zwei Orchestra on SoundCloud

A combination of pure pop with the sound of shoegaze bands like My Bloody Valentine, Broken Social Scene and The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, this band presents asymmetry, endless lines and spirals, twisted in a wall of sound.




M-M-MONDAY – 18.05.11

Zimbalam Featured Artist : Bipolar Empire

Bipolar Empire has a sound that cannot be compared to any of their peers. It’s catchy, fresh, full of energy and flavour’ – Celina Murphy, Hot Press Magazine.

Click Here to Listen to Bipolar Empire on SoundCloud

Formed at Oxegen 2007, Bipolar Empire’s rock and roll infused folk sound has seen them working with some of the biggest names in music, from legendary producer Pat McCarthy (REM, Madonna, U2) to pop-movie legend, Kevin Godley.


M-M-M-MONDAY – 19.05.11

Zimbalam Featured Artist : Fliptrix

Listen to Fliptrix on SoundCloud

Hailing from South East London, rapper Fliptrix has been creating a storm since bringing intelligent, streetwise lyrics, high-energy delivery and a myriad of original and distinctive flows to 07’s scene with Force Fed Imagery.

A story teller and wordsmith Flips has graced the stage with some of Hip Hop’s finest including RA the Rugged Man, Foreign beggars, Jehst, Taskforce, Immaculate, Kyza, Verb T, Kashmere, Phi Life Cypher , Yungun, Mr Thing, Killa Kella, Ghost, Manage, Mystro, and DJ Excalibah. As well as well known Dubstep & Drum and bass DJ’s such as Plastician, Loefah, 16-Bit, Kromestar, Nicky Blackmarket, Brookes Brothers, Dylan and many more…



M-M-M-M-MONDAY – 20.05.11

Zimbalam Featured Artist : The Stowaways

The Stowaways deal in top-drawer melodies and all-round giddy charm. – Charlie Ashcroft, Amazing Radio.

Listen to The Stowaways on SoundCloud

A lively, cool, indie outfit, The Stowaways, specialise in a combination of poppy harmonies and catchy arrangements, paired with memorable vocal melodies comparable to the likes of Lenny Kravitz and Caleb Followhill.

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