Zimbalam Featured Artist : Masters in France

“Sultry and smart indie pop, definitely not from France”

Jamie Hodgson (NME, Observer, Guardian)

Masters in France, are a Welsh 5 piece – an indie/alternative band whose star has been on the rise all year.

From great reviews in Nylon Magazine USA, BBC Radion One and NME, to their current UK tour and newly released single, A.I. (Artificial Inches, out 30/05/2011), Masters are definitely a band to watch.

A veritable melting point of multiple genres, their sound is solidified somewhere between Ed Ellis Jones’ charismatic vocals and the delicious danceable backing riffs, that wouldn’t be amiss playing soundtrack to an amphetamine-fuelled party.

You can catch them on tour throughout the UK in May, including a slot at Radio One’s Big Weekend.


Listen to Masters in France on SoundCloud