Zimbalam has Partnered with BandWagon Gigs!


 ‘BandWagon makes booking gigs easy’

‘Whether you’re a band, solo artist or DJ wanting to play to live audiences across the UK, or a promoter, festival or event organiser seeking an online platform to manage events and find music acts, Bandwagon makes booking gigs

5 reasons to use BandWagon:

  • Search and apply for over 300 gig opportunities across the UK
  • Free and simple to use.
  • Be offered gig opportunities by promoters via ‘book this band’ feature
  • Receive daily gig watch emails for gigs that apply to your genre and location
  • Receive feedback from promoters, rate the venues you’ve played.

About BandWagon:

BandWagon graduated with top marks from the ‘here’s three chords, now start a band’ school of music and we’re here to help.

Inspired by the DIY approach taken by an ever-growing number of artists, two former music promoters and band managers, and lifelong music fans, got out their sticky (cassette) tape and safety scissors to provide artists with a one-stop shop to take ownership of their careers. BandWagon allows you to interact with promoters and venues, book gigs, build a live fanbase and plan that vital next stage of world domination.

BandWagon aims to facilitate interaction between artist and promoter, addressing common frustrations from both sides of the gig-booking process:

  • Difficulties directly contacting the promoter or venue info@doesanyoneevenreadthis?.com
  • Sending demos by post brb, just taking a hike up Brown Envelope Mountain
  • Lack of gig opportunities for unsigned bands, particularly outside of their home town what goes on tour, gets printed in NME
  • Lack of transparency from promoters regarding payment, PA standard and information regarding the gig
    “…does anyone have a 3.5 mm Stereo to XLM jack…”
  • Unable to find available acts to play new nights Lonely Hearts Club WLTM … Band?
  • Bands arriving late and not bringing agreed equipment, packed lunches don’t count

By doing so we hope to help both promoters and acts set a standard of professionalism from the beginning of their careers, in turn increasing the number of live music events across the UK.

Visit their website and sign up to book gigs now!! http://www.bandwagongigs.com/

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